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Fees & Plans

Denplan Fees

Denplan Care Fee Rates

The Denplan Care monthly fees are as follows:

Denplan Essentials Fee Rates

Denplan Essentials Monthly fees are as follows:

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Please see Denplan care and essential pages to discover the benefit of each plan.

Price List

Shown below is our current practice price list.

Private Fees
Denplan Care

New Patient Dental Health Check
Examination, x-rays, advise, OHI, Preliminary scaling

Dental Heath Check *(DHC) inc Hygiene advice & scaling
Price Included

Gum Health Maintenance Check
Price Included

Hand Scale with Hygienist
Price Included

GBT and Stain Removal with Hygienist
Price Included

Dental Health Check (18-21 year 10 minutes with good oral hygiene)
Price Included

Emergency/ Discussion Appointment
Price Included

Radiographs (small film)
Price Included

Not Included

Study Models
Laboratory Fees

From £73.00
Not Included


Bonded Amalgam
from £86.00
Price Included

Posterior Composite Fillings (White)
from £89.00
Price Included

Preventative Care

Fissure Sealant
£23.00 each
Price Included

Sealant Restoration
from £76.00
Price Included

Root Canal Treatment (includes all necessary x-rays and filling)

Price Included

Price Included

Price Included

Crown and Bridgework

Porcelain Bonded Crown
Incisor, Canine, Premolar
From £523
From £523.00
Laboratory Fees

Porcelain Veneers
From £494.00
Laboratory Fees

Full Gold Crown
From £579.00
Laboratory Fees

Gold Inlay
From £545.00
Laboratory Fees

Metal Free Ceramic Crown
From £572.00
Laboratory Fees

Cosmetic Treatments

Philips Zoom! DayWhite and Nitewhite (at home whitening)
Not Included


Acrylic Full Upper and Lower
Laboratory Fees

Acrylic Single Full or Partial Denture
From £598.00
Laboratory Fees

Oral Surgery Prices

Planned Simple Extraction
from £93.00
Price Included

Other Treatments

Temporary Filling/Repair
Price Included

Re-cement Crown or Inlay
Price Included

Choosing the best way to pay

After your teeth have been examined and a treatment plan has been agreed, you’ll be given a written estimate of the cost of the work to be done.

Our practice policy  is to ask you to pay for the treatment as you receive it with full payment to be made on completion of treatment. If you are worried about the cost of dental treatment or find any point about charges difficult to  understand, please let us know.

NHS Exemption

Patients who qualify for free NHS Care